New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month


The Georgians International School is a dream project of GAPS. The basic aim of this project is to develop a feeder institution for National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and its sister academies throughout the country. The school is spread over 20 Acres of land surrounded by lush green flora and fauna. It has a fully residential set up designed to develop the overall personality of the students and groom them into the future officers and leaders of the elite Armed Forces. The Campus has all the modern facilities which is required to make the living of students comfortable and secure. The school will provide an integrated 2-year program where students will follow CBSE curriculum of X+II and prepare for NDA written exam, groom their personalities simultaneously on lines of Military and Sainik Schools with the expertise of Ex Officers who commanded them. The daily routine is designed to develop Officer like qualities (OLQs) in the students which will help them in clearing the SSB. We strive to make this project one of the most successful projects in the field of Defence preparation. Jai Hind


  • AC Classrooms and Living rooms
  • Recreation room for indoor games, Badminton court
  • Outdoor games- Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket
  • Athletic Track
  • Lush green Campus away from distraction of city life endowed with beautiful Flora and Fauna.
  • 24*7 monitoring by Professionals


The importance of sports cannot be undermined as it teaches team spirit, camaraderie, evolves a fighting spirit and various other qualities that are considered to be essential in a leader who is expected to lead his team in bale. Special emphasis will be given to develop every student into a good sportsman. Our students will participate in various inter school competitions at state and national level which will develop a competitive spirit in our students.

Co‐curricular activities

CCA plays a vital role in grooming the personalities of students. Throughout the two years the students will be given various platforms to improve their public speaking, polishing their communication skills and enhance their knowledge and exposure on various subjects of national and international importance. A few Co-Curricular activities involve conduct of Debates, Declamations, Extempore, One Act Plays, and Dramas as per the yearly calendar. The potential of the same will come in handy while refining the so skills of the student and the same has been designed by our mentors who have a plethora of experience in handling the same.

School Routine ( Monday to Saturday )

5:30 am Wakeup Call
6:00 am to 6:45 am Morning PT
7:30 am Breakfast
8:00 am Morning Assembly
8:30 am to 1:30 pm Classes
11:00 am Milk/Tea Break
1:40 pm Lunch
2:10 pm to 3:45 pm Rest
4:00 pm to 5:15 pm Games
5:15 pm to 5:30 pm Tea/Milk
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Study time
8:00 pm to 8:30 pm Dinner time
8:30 pm to 9:30 pm TV time
9:30 pm to 10:30 pm Study Time
10:30 pm Lights off

*Saturday after dinner TV is allowed till 11:00 pm

Sunday Time Table

7:00 am Morning Tea
8:30 am Breakfast
9:00 am to 10:30 am Gardening (Each student and Parent will Plant one sapling which the student will take care for 2 years)
11:00 am to 1:00 pm Study Time
1:30 pm Lunch
4:00 pm Games(optional)
5:30 pm Evening Tea/Milk
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Study time
8:00 pm Dinner time
8:30 pm to 10:00 pm TV time
10:00 pm Lights off

*Students will not be allowed to keep mobile phones with them. It will be deposited with the warden and they will get it every day for 30 mins after dinner to talk to the parents.

*In order to develop writing habits among the students, every student will write one leer every 15 days to their parents.

Fees Structure 2021‐22

Admission fees 5000
Tuition Fees (3000X12) 36000
Annual maintenance 12000
Sports 12000
Library and Av 12000
Mess 60000
Books & Stationery 10000
Uniform 8000
Bedding 6000
Laundry 8000
Educational Trip (Twice a year) 6000
Annual Fees 175000

The basic aim of CBSE + NDA foundation program is to develop candidates for the national defence academy, while they prepare for CBSE exam. The students follow the syllabus of CBSE, while at the same time, the instructors of the program develop their personalities and groom them to be officers of the armed forces of the country.

The comprehensive program is being followed on the lines of the national defence academy right from the beginning of the course. The study materials, books, and assignments are provided by the academy. It is a hostel cum school cum, where students spend two years away from homes. The entire program is monitored by the ex-officers of the defence forces, so that the officers like qualities are inculcated into candidates even before they are sent into the national defence academy.

The biggest plus of the CBSE + NDA Foundation Program is that candidates do not need another program after passing the secondary school examination to sit for the NDA exam. They are already fully prepared to face the exam with the right input along with studying for a secondary school certificate. Since they groom their personalities to be officers in defence forces, they are well prepared to face the SSB interview board. Alongside focus on academia, the strong emphasis is put on the overall personality development of the candidate. The school has various extracurricular activities, sports, and well developed sport infrastructure, classrooms fitted with modern education aids, and comfortable residential areas for students. The whole environment ensures that each student excels in studies, while at the same time removes personality traits, which restrict overall growth.

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